Sunday, March 28, 2010

Saturday Summary

This week we got to go hang with cousins for a day. We all had a lot of fun and no sleep :)

This is Rylan. He is 3 months older then Wyatt and about 3 inches taller too!

One of the boys favorite things to do was pile in the van and watch "dinosaurs". They were in there almost the whole movie!!

We also worked outside a lot this week. The weather has been beautiful and the list of chores has gotten long.

Grandma Castle came over and helped me get a head start on the second flower bed Nick and I have been dreaming about. Thanks Grandma for putting your chores on hold for us.....again :)

The High School Rodeo re-printed and dedicated the '10-'11 rodeo season to Dad Jones, so we woke up early and went to watch for awhile. They read a little snippet about Dad Jones after the National Anthem and periodically through out the rodeo.

This was the best picture I got of us all in our cowboy hats!

We all wore plaid shirts and cowboy hats in honor of Dad Jones. Kevin didn't want to wear the hat, but then I told him, "We are wearing the hat to be like Grandpa Jones" and he didn't take it off again until nap time. Kevin is too young to ever remember his Grandpa Jones as he gets older, but right now he does remember and I think in his own 3 year old little way, miss him.

The boys LOVED watching the horses and the "poor cows"

It's been a great week and we've been playing so much in the fresh air that we're pretty tired around here. So if you see us playing outside in our jammies don't be shocked!!

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Greg and Mel said...

lucky ducks! someday we'll all have to hang out at nate and kels on the same weekend and PARTY!!! :)