Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Snapshots

"A certain member from each family chose a long time ago, before this life, in the spirit world, to die and help their family with things that can only be accomplished in the spirit world. Many powerful, wonderful spirits are being called home to prepare and strengthen their families for the terrible things that will happen in the world."

"I stepped through a veil and saw a beautiful bright light. At that moment, I was once again wrapped in the love of my God; yet the feelings inside me spoke that He was more than that. The spirit inside me gave me understanding beyond all that I had ever known. God was indeed my Father. I was his son. He was my Heavenly Father. He was my Creator, and more than that. He loved me as much as I love each of my children, but even more perfectly . I knew it and comprehended it completely at that moment. I felt the truth surge through my spirit just as blood courses through a mortal's was sacred. The love was so consuming, yes I was home again."

Till we meet again, God be with you and you with us. We miss you and thank you for all that you are doing.


Fire -n- Ice said...

Thank You Esther!

Greg and Mel said...

those are beautiful pictures esther. It's sad to think about, but so wonderful to think that its not the end, only a short seperation :) Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures.
love mel

Lauren said...

Beautiful post and beautiful pictures.

Anonymous said...

My wife is the most awesome person I know. Thank you babe for being you. I love you. Great job!