Friday, April 2, 2010

Funny Friday

hehe I am sooo fun-e! I think most of you have figured out that my post yesterday was an "April Fools" joke. The quote wasn't. I love it and I have been thinking about children, being a Mother and family. Our family just won't be getting any bigger this year :)

I know it was "un-original" but it was really just for Nick. He had been in Arkansas for a week and looked at the blog before flying home. He wasn't able to call because it was like 2 in the morning here. I wanted him to wonder all the way home, mean I know.

When I talked to him about it I had him seriously convinced for a couple minutes. His face started to turn green so I told him it was a joke! So sorry to everyone else I fooled. It was just meant for Nick really :)

Kevin painted Grandma Castle's garden a lovely shade of neon green. I told him no, but I laughed more then I scolded.

Wyatt didn't have a tool apron like Kevin, so he just improvised. First he stuck them down his shirt but it was too hard, so next came the pants!

Wyatt spilled his cereal and Kyla had a BLAST!!


Emily said...

How funny! You definitely had me fooled. But, I must admit...I am mighty relieved for ya. Even do make adorable matter how close you have 'em! :)

The Castle Carriage said...

= 0