Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Kevin woke up first and was excited to see that the Easter Bunny had left him a surprise! He had gotten into the "present" closet a couple weeks before and found the Monster trucks. To keep him from begging to play with them I told him they were Alex's and we couldn't play with them. So Easter Morning he sees the Monster Truck and goes running to Nick, "Daddy the Easter Bunny gave me Alex's Bus!!" it was so cute and we had to convince him that it was his to play with.

Kyla actually woke up next. She had no idea what the basket was for but she LOVED taking everything out and playing with it. The afghan behind her was made by her Great Grandma McIntosh. She was thinking about selling it and i snagged it right away, knowing that Kyla would love it and she does!

Wy-Wy slept for a long time. Kevin was going crazy because he had already found Wyatt's basket and wanted to see everything inside. Wyatt had fun looking at the stuff in his basket and Kevin was so excited that they could play with their stuff together!

The boys ran around the backyard finding eggs. We wouldn't open any of the eggs for Wyatt until he had found all of them because once he catches the scent of candy that's that.

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