Friday, April 30, 2010

Introducing Fur Jones

We have a new member of the family. Fur Tanner Jones. Yes his name is Fur and No we did not really give him a middle name.

Nick has been promising me for awhile that we could get a dog for the boys. Even though he has come up with lots of excuses, when a friend of our had a litter or puppies I finally talked him into it!

We went over a ton of different names when Kevin came up with Fur. We tried talking him out of it but he was sure. So we went to see Pa because he can talk Kevin in or out of anything, but Pa just said "that's a great name" so it stuck.

Kevin has been in heaven since we got Fur. He loves playing with him and pretending he is a puppy.

Fur is a bit shy, but he and Kevin are turning into great friends. Kevin will just disappear and he is outside running around with Fur.

One time I came out and he said, "Hi Mom, bark bark" then ran over to Fur's water bowl and started licking. I wasn't sure if I should laugh or be sick. I mean it's just dog slobber, but the mental image of him licking up slimy dog slobber...........yuck!

Kevin told me that he needs hand shoes so that his paws won't hurt when he walks around. Wyatt hasn't formed quite the same bond with Fur because he doesn't like to be licked but they are learning to be good friends.

It's hard being a puppy!
And the reason Fur's "middle name" is Tanner is because Nick calls him Tanner more often then he calls him Fur.

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