Monday, April 5, 2010

My Man Monday

Here are some pictures of Nick's trip to Arkansas. I know the collages are so small but there were so many pictures I couldn't choose which ones to post. Nick said it was really great to see G&G Reynolds and that the food, weather and activities were awesome! He felt like he put on 10lbs with all the eating out they did, but he looks great to me:)

He was in love with all the "blooming" that is going on right now back there and Victorian style houses. He says when we build our next home he wants it to be a Victorian style. I have been encouraging this desire and I hope you will too. I love the look of these homes, the history they seem to tell just by looking at them.
Nick had a great time and is already planning the next trip but this time he says we are all going :) Won't argue with that!!

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The Castle Carriage said...

I wish we could grow those kinds of plants here. Drats on the desert sometimes.