Monday, April 5, 2010

Saturday Summary

Most of this week there was no Daddy at home. He went to Arkansas with his Mom and left us at home. I was glad he could go escort his Mom but didn't like having an empty bed. Fortunately my little "mini daddies" filled in for the week.

Kevin was a great "Man of the house". He kept everyone laughing and in good spirits!

Wyatt kept us all so busy we couldn't miss Daddy. He even wore himself out.

And beautiful miss Mekyla was only a little fussy towards the end of the week, wondering where her Daddy was and why he wasn't spoiling her.

All in all we fared rather well. But we were REALLY excited when Daddy came home!!

The day he got back we took Jones Family Pictures at the fairgrounds. I think we all missed Dad but being at the fairgrounds was kind of like having a little bit of him in each picture.
Thank you Aunt Mo for taking the pictures!
On Friday we all tore Mom Jones' front yard apart. We weeded, moved rock, tore up overgrown landscaping, cut back bushes, dug up trees and enjoyed being together again as a family. Dad might of had a heart attack over some of the things we did but I think he would be VERY happy with the end result.

We worked through the whole weekend so those pictures will be in next weeks Saturday Summary. I took over 500 pictures!! There was just soo much going on I didn't want to miss any of it.

This was a strange week. I was alone and then I was surrounded by a ton of family. Like my sister-in-law said during her recent testimony, "you have to taste the bitter to know the sweet". After being alone it was so wonderful to be around family!

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Emily said... are such a wonderful gal! Always doing such grand and amazing things. Thanks for being YOU.

Love you loads!