Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Beach!

I finally talked Nick into staying with my cousins in Cali and going to the beach!

There was a breeze that made getting into the freezing water not an option. Kevin fell in the water while looking at crabs on rocks, poor kid.

Kyla didn't go anywhere near the water but she was loving the sand and the toys! She is about the same age that Kevin was on his first trip to the beach, he wasn't as thrilled.

Kevin and Daddy loved feeding the Gulls. You can't see it very well but they are both giving me a thumbs up. After throwing food to them in the air they scattered food around them and lay still waiting for them to come close.

Wyatt tried the laying still thing but he wasn't very good at it. So he and Daddy looked for boats and chased the Gulls.

He had so much fun chasing the Gulls, it was so cute to watch!

Kyla was not into laying still or chasing after gulls, so her and I played in the sand and ate :0)

Wyatt and Kyla started building castles so the rest of us joined in.

We all had a lot of fun. I mean isn't that the whole point of the beach, building sand castles!

Kyla and Daddy built a strong castle.

The boys and I built a castle with "vines" growing on it.

Before we left we decided to jump on them, why should someone else have all the fun! Kevin jumped right in and loved destroying it. Wyatt would NOT step on it. I held his hand and tried pulling him over it and he would side step or jump. After I kicked it a few times and Kevin came over and gave it a couple kicks he jumped right in.

The boys were OUT before we even got out of the beach parking lot. It was a ton of fun. I didn't get any pictures of anything else we did, but we had a lot of fun in Cali with Curt and Heather.

Thank You!

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Fire -n- Ice said...

Holy cow! I just came to your blog, just to see if for some reason you were posting and my little sidebar thing just wasn't telling me. Well... Although it has been awhile since you posted (Hmm... hint hint!) I missed A LOT of these. The last one I saw was your Sunday Snapshots on April 11th. Wow. Anyway. Thanks for updating a lot in April and May... it was fun to have something to look at! :D