Friday, June 18, 2010

The Circus

Nick had to work overtime by stopping traffic for an Elephant crossing. So he came home and told me that we had to get tickets to the Circus.

Kevin was sooo excited to see the elephants. Really he didn't care about much of the other stuff we saw, but when the Elephants came out he was jumping up and down.

Wyatt loved the food and was mesmerized by the entire show. He clapped at the end of every stunt and then sat there still with his eyes wide open to see everything.

Mekyla thought all the lights and colors were interesting to watch but when she was ready for bed, the music started BLASTING and she hated it. I was trying to cover her ears with blankets and hold her against me but she just screamed. The music was so loud that Nick couldn't hear her from 1 seat over!

I have another video from inside the van after the show. I was asking Kevin about his favorite part of the show. He told me the Elephants and then told me what everyone else liked about the show! It won't load though :(

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