Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Wyatt!!

One of the things I feel bad about is that I was pregnant while Wyatt was so young. I was so tired and sick that I don't remember anything really but being sick and tired. 2 years have FLOWN by and I feel like I've missed a lot of it!

Wyatt is addicted to sugar so we had a "Sweet Party". He loves donuts and sprinkles so we thought it would make a perfect "cake". It didn't turn out how we thought but it was still yummy!

Wyatt was pretty excited to blow out the candle and eat some more donuts!

Kevin and Pa thought they were good too!

And just because we had a buy 1 dozen get 1 free at Krispie Kremes we thought the Donut on a string game would be fun. It didn't go quite as well as planned because I forgot to get a prize for the winner so there was no motivation :)

Aunties Mo and Kelli colored this fun game. The young kids pinned sprinkles on the ice cream and the big kids pinned cherries on top of the ice cream.

Wyatt went back for seconds and even thirds. He LOVES donuts!

To carry on the "sweet theme" we made some "sweet art". The kids painted with sprinkles, candy and food coloring. The pictures all turned out really Sweet.

Wyatt got totally spoiled and loved everything he got. He got a Buzz, Woody, Trains, Tracks, Clothes and tons of other things.

Almost ALL his cousins were there and even his Great Grandma, Aunt Kathi and my cousin Kari.

Thank you everyone for coming, it wouldn't have been as fun without you!

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