Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday Summary

We got a call Tuesday night that my Grandpa Gerald died and the funeral was Thursday morning. I didn't know him at all really and there isn't much good to say about him. We went to support Mom and to show respect to the man who made it possible for there to be a " Jones Family"

Nick and Christopher making sure we were all safe.

All the boys looked so grown up and handsome. They were all really good too during the funeral.

Here are the flowers my parents brought. They looked amazing. They represented our family perfectly.

Friday we went to a 51's game. We haven't been to any kind of game in a long time so we got some cheap tickets and decided that peanuts and cracker jacks sounded good!

The boys weren't really interested in the game but we all had a lot of fun.

The chili cheese nachos were SOO good!

Wyatt watched for a little bit but he mostly loved playing with Grandma Castle and Pa.

Moki and Arfur doing the Gangsta stretch!

Great Grandma Mac came too. Kevin laid down and fell asleep and kicked her off of her padded seat, but I think she still had fun.

we had been shopping all day for Kevin's b-day and other things. He had so much fun picking out toys and Thomas decor that he couldn't keep his eyes open past 10.

Mom made it on the screen once. By the time I grabbed my camera she had looked to see where the camera was and I only got a profile :)

The 51's lost big time, but the night wasn't a total loss because there were fireworks right after the game.

I thought there would be like 10. Just enough to say Ooohhh, Aaahhhh.

I was wrong! Tehyw en't on for like 15 minutes. There were more fireworks then at our Valley's 4th of July celebration! It was a really fun LATE night.

Caiden came to our house to play trains with Kevin.......and play trains they did!


Emily said...

I love that sleepy picture of Kevin...holding onto his little toy to the bitter end. What a sweet boy.

I love all your pictures!

Have a wonderful day!

Fire -n- Ice said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun at the game. And thank you for taking our kids! You are awesome! :D