Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday Summary

It was a great sunny day so we packed up and headed out in search of fun and open space.

I won't tell you where we went but it had a lot of water and the dogs, after encouragement (snacks) jumped into the water and swam, swam, swam.

I told Kevin and Wyatt to stay out of the water. Wyatt listened and so did "Kevin".........

However, "Kevin Puppy" was not told to stay out of the water so he didn't.
Mommy: Kevin I said to stay out of the water
Kevin: I'm not Kevin. I Kevin Puppy and puppies have to swim.

How can a Mommy argue with reasoning like that. Wyatt is not that smart so he stayed dry!

We also headed to Uncle Nate and Aunt Kelli's house for a couple days. It was fun to just hang.

'Jones', Aunt Patty and Aunt Betty stopped by for dinner while they were in Vegas for a Girls Weekend Out! Nick and Nate made dinner and it was Awesome!!

Most of the time we played cards, where Kelli and I enjoyed whomping on the boys. We did play some Halo though so the boys got to whomp on us.
(Sorry Kel, you hid so I had to post it)

It was a lot of fun, Thanks!!

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