Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saturday Summary

Kevin woke up on his birthday and was so excited to find a Harold Helicopter.

Kyla was excited too.

For DAYS the forecast said "windy with gusts of 20mph". It is windy EVERY year for Kevin's birthday so this year we decided we weren't going to deal with wind and we rescheduled........well the wind never came. So I made a test cake and Kevin thought it was awesome.

It was a little messy to eat but the boys thought it was great and Kevin hardly noticed that he didn't get to have his Thomas party ON his birthday.

Kyla wouldn't touch the cake with her hands. She would just bend over and lick it!! It was so cute and funny. Eventually she dug in.

Pa and Grandma Castle brought a new train over to play and play they did!

Kevin had a great birthday. He loved wearing his Thomas train Ribbon and he played hard.

I think that pretty much says it all :)

On Thursday Kevin went to his first day of Preschool. he really did enjoy it.....he just fell off the swings and did a face plant so he was a little down. He talked (when he took the ice off his face) all the way home about the "fire glass" (magnifying glass) and the nice girl that shared with him and all about the letter A.

Here he is on his way to school. he was a little scared to go but then we pulled up to Joshlyn Wheeler's house and he said, "Mom this isn't a school it's a house", and he wasn't scared anymore.

On Friday, with clear weather, we had Kevin's Thomas Party. The kids lined up on the "train tracks" for train rides.

We planned games but we didn't need to, the kids would have taken rides on the train for HOURS!

I changed the cake plan up a bit and it didn't work out so well but Kevin still loved it and that's all that matters.

"Thank you Grandma Castle for helping Mommy not ruin the cake"

Pa relaxing before driving the train.

Over a dozen trains playing "following the conductor". They all looked so cute in their trains!

Here are the train tracks that Aunt Kelli and I put on the driveway to lead everyone back to the party and for the kids to line up on for train rides. they worked great!

Thank you everyone for changing last minute with us and coming anyways. Kevin thought it was the, "best Thomas Train party ever", and we had fun too!

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