Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saturday Summary

We go to the "ball park" every Wednesday for softball practice. The boys love to run around, ride their scooters and when all the parents get off the field the boys go wild!

Kevin is soo funny. He taps the ground twice before he stands up and swings. Every time he hits the ball he says, "I'm so big".

There were some high school boys at the "ball park". They would climb into a tube and then someone would push them down the hill and they rolled forever!! The boys LOVED watching it. Every time they came up the hill Alex would ask, "are you going to do it again?".

Uncle Nate and Daddy set up Kevin's new track. It was complicated and it's BIG! Kevin loves it and is so excited that our dining room is now his "train station".

Mekyla LOVES playing outside, but like a bad Mom I don't take her out very often because she can't be out there alone and I have things to do Inside. I had been working on pictures for so long the other day and all 3 kids wanted to go out so out we went. Mekyla thinks the dogs are so funny and since we are training Daisy I let her torture them a little bit.

As you can see by the red faces in the last picture, we jumped in the pool. It was FULL of bugs and I was totally grossed out but the kids didn't mind at all and had a blast! I cleaned bugs the whole time and enjoyed being outside and soaking in some sun.

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