Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday Summary

We had a great week. We played 2 games on Thursday and got slaughtered! 20-0 and 22-2 but we had a ton of fun. I love spending time outside with my family and friends and doing something active. The kids have so much fun with their cousins and are exhausted when we get home, which translates to a good sleep in for Mom and Dad :)

We also tried out hand at making Jam this week.

We grabbed our fruit, and followed our awesome instructions.....

and had a great time. We were so confused and hot and laughing, I'm surprised anything happened! We agree that next time we need a little more honey and a lot more jars!

Friday Nick had over-time so the kids and I went to Pa and Grandma Castles Ward Party. They were in charge of the train!

The kids and I were in charge of watching the train line and making sure everyone got on the train in an orderly fashion......oh and making sure the food was was.

Kevin had so much fun, he ran around, threw water balloons, rode the train, his bike and drank more water then anyone else there and still told Pa, "Pa I'm cold I need to sit under the umbrella" So down the driveway they went.

Wyatt played as hard as he could for as long as he could and then he just gave out!

And Mekyla had walked as long and as fast as her chubby legs could carry her until she had to beg for milk. She smiled at everyone and they all loved her.

We are all glad that tomorrow we can rest, relax and energize ourselves for another week!

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Emily said...

I love the picture of Nick at the stove! You guys are so funny! I hope you ended up with some yummy jam!

Have a great day!