Saturday, October 9, 2010

Saturday Summary

WARNING: This is a long post!

Nick and I went into town to run a couple errands and my parents had our boys. I love to stop by pet stores but Nick hates taking all the kids in to just look and then leave. Well since we only had Kyla and she LOVES animals of course we had to stop so she could play, (we will talk another time about how I'm kind of bitter that she ranks higher than me!)
Well she loved the puppies, (even ugly min pins) but......

ferrets? NO WAY! She hated it!

After our errands G&G Castle brought the boys in and met us at a football game. The boys had so much fun.

Grandpa brought the binoculars for himself but rarely got to use them.

It was a blast. It's nice to get out of the house and just hang with family. It seems like we have been too busy lately to do it as much as we want. It was fun for Nick and I to hang out with each other outside of the valley.

Kevin was mostly glued to Pa.

But Grandma got some attention too! Kyla was Terrified of the fireworks, she would scream anytime they went off. Not only did the fireworks scare her but anytime someone cheered she started to cry. I'm sure the people around us weren't thrilled we brought her, but she did have fun.....during the silent parts of the game ;)


It's funny how we stay inside so much during good weather but bring on some rain and you can't keep my children inside, me either.

We got flooded this week! Tons and Tons of rain. it stopped and started all day long! We had a foot of water in our backyard from the flooding but it sure was fun.

Wyatt helped me document our fun.

Kevin walked beside Wyatt with the umbrella to keep him dry because Wyatt doesn't like rain on his head but really really wanted to ride his scooter! Kevin is the best big brother, I didn't even ask him, it was his idea.

Of course jumping in mud puddles was a must during one of the rain breaks.

I thought that we couldn't possibly get more rain so I washed the kids up.

And we drank hot chocolate and looked at the cool clouds.

After convincing the kids to get dressed and warm up.....the rain started again!

Mekyla was awake this time and had just as much fun as her brothers.

Being his second rain storm in one day, Wyatt was a little braver and actually walked out into the hard rain, with his brother and an umbrella.

Nick woke from all the thunder and tried to save Kyla from drenching herself.

But this was her first rain storm that she could explore so explore she did until she was dripping
as much as our drains.

The rain was supposed to come back the next day and we were all very disappointed to awaken to beautiful sunshine, oh well.

My beautiful cousin Kari is having a baby boy in November and since she lives close we headed up for her baby shower.

We talked, ate, decorated onsies, ate, colored quilt blocks, ate, laughed, ate....

Mekyla and Emmitt loved the little newborn that was there. They thought she was the funnest toy. I thought for a brief second of getting one if it was that entertaining and then VERY quickly had a list so long of cons that I decided her dolls would look just as fun buckled in to her old car seat!

Mekyla was very helpful and very friendly.

And I know you are dying to see the onsie I made for my beautiful, excited, happy cousin and her baby Daxton Alvin Shorr!

I know terrible. But everyone made such cute and snuggly and adorable ones that I had to be a rebel. I figured he could wear this one when he hangs with his uncles! Congrats Bear!

Well it looks like we all made it through another week and another post happy, healthy and tired :)

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Fire -n- Ice said...

Mekyla is SO smart. Ferretts are HORRIBLE pets! :D And I know you want another baby. You are just faking, I'm sure of it. I give you less than 3 months before we get the wonderful announcement! Oh.. and I love your onsie!