Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday Summary

It seems like we did a lot this week but I took 8 pictures the whole week!?! That is not like me?

We did play at the park several times this week and Kyla loved it. She loves being outside and playing outside, running with her brother, laughing with Daddy......heaven!

She can't decide if she likes swinging or running more and when I gave her a banana she sat herself down and when another kid came by her she gave them the, "you better go around me", look, haha.

This week we have been finding these little guys on our kitchen floor. We find about 1-2 per day, for about 4 days.
Is is because of the rain?
How are they getting in?
Should I smush 'em or throw them in the flower bed?
Well I went to put a bag of corn away that we got from Susie and when I opened the bag it was full of worms!! They had eaten their way out of the corn and some through the bag and then fallen off the counter to my floor!! I was soooo confused about where they were coming from?!? Now it makes sense.

Sorry that was it for our week. I promise to be better next week!

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Telisha said...

That first picture of her on the swing is soooooooo cute!!!!!