Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saturday Summary

Nick had his 10 yr (10 yrs from homecoming not graduation) at the Logandale Park. There weren't very many people that he hung out with in school but he had fun seeing faces from the past.

Wyatt LOVED the bouncy house and was in there almost the entire time.

Kevin was in love with the eye patch and earring he got in his goody bag.

He and Caiden had fun playing pirates.

Yep, he even took a nap with it on! I was afraid it would get stuck around his throat so I took it off as soon as he fell asleep.

We went to the Rhude's house that afternoon for Gracie's birthday. Kyla was soo funny. Nate sat down with Madi and she got OFF my lap, walked over and yelled at Madi. When Madi didn't move she turned around and sat on her, hard, and threw herself back, smashing Madi. Poor Madi, but it was funny!

The kids had fun and really loved the cake! Happy Birthday Grace!!

It was a long hard day and the boys fell asleep before I could even tell them it was bedtime!

They looked so comfy I seriously thought about leaving them there.

I was cleaning in the kitchen and noticed that the kids kept running in and out.

So I started watching them and noticed that they were "sneaking" doggy treats. Kevin would say "wait, wait, okay go go go" when they thought I wasn't looking.

I checked on Kyla and found that she was "enjoying" the treats as well. She has so much fun chasing the boys and playing with them.

Luckily Mekyla didn't get nearly as many treats as the dogs did.

Kevin got "grounded" for the first time this week. We have been working with him on how to take out a DVD without breaking it. He knows how, he just forgets, but he is smart enough so we warned him after he broke the second one that if he broke another, he would be grounded, i.e. not be able to do something that he wants to.
He had to call Aunt Moki, tell her sorry and that we would buy her a new won. The hardest part for him, by far, was telling Aunt Moki he wouldn't be able to come over and play. Poor little guy, he cried and cried big tears but he has been SO much more careful. I don't think we will have to "ground" him anytime soon!

We had our Annual "Fall Birthday Party" at the Castle. Emily made the cutest cupcakes and they were GOOD too.

All the kids came in their costumes to show Pa and Grandma Castle.

Buzz - Jesse - Woody

It's so much fun to get together with all the Lovely Ladies from the Castle!

Thanks Castle Clan for all the fun!

Nick always has to work on Halloween so we made sure we celebrated Friday.

The boys cleaned out a pumpkin and I made dinner in it while they tackled the other pumpkins.

They opened the first one to find DRY DUSTY MOLD!! I have never seen dry dusty mold. I thought pumpkins went mushy not dry and dusty!! Nick threw it out immediately because he didn't want any of that dust to get anywhere in the house.

Luckily we had an extra pumpkin (thanks G. Castle) and the boys got to work. Kevin decided he wanted a scary face and Nick "helped" him decide which scary one they wanted.

I know, night, underwear, October, but it wasn't cold.

Here is the masterpiece.........scary!

Kyla loved looking at it.

We busted open a whole bottle of glow sticks and the kids had a blast. There were glow sticks EVERYWHERE!
Happy Halloween!

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Emily said...

Wow...the ladies in your family have had some nice lookin' dental work done! Love your posts, Bun!