Monday, November 8, 2010

My Man Monday

Nick has been a "honey do list" fool. He sat down the other day and said, "I'm gonna cut some squares". I thought he would cut a dozen or so and then move on. Not even close, he cut a couple HUNDRED!! We have a nice big pile of perfect squares.......unfortunately we still need a couple hundred more!!

Thank you babe for doing all the jobs I hate without a complaint!

Love you.

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Meka said...

What???? Wow that is very impressive he would do that!! Sooo my mom told me that you guys saved Daisy!! I didn't realize the dog I was seeing pictures of what that Daisy and I am soooooooo happy she has you guys! I felt so bad for her before! She just needed a little attention and love and I am sure she is a great dog now! Anyway, you need to let me know next time you are in Vegas so I can get you your tutu and bows! I didn't forget!