Saturday, November 27, 2010

Saturday Summary x3

We went to the pomegranite festival and Grandma Jones gave each kid $20 bucks! They were really excited about it, they just didn't like standing there.

After taking a quick break the boys found wooden airplanes, boats, cars, marshmellow shooter and many other things to buy with their $20.

Thank You Grandma Jones and G&G Castle for the wonderful day. The boys had so much fun and love playing with all the stuff they got.

My Niece Myra got baptized. She was so excited and ready. Grandma Castle made her jump suit and Baptism dress. They were beautiful and Myra looked so adorable. We are so proud of her for her decision and for being just wonderful.

Later that evening Nick was in our ward Talentless Talent Show. He was in a syncronized swimming act with the Elders Quorum and a Primary Super Hero act with the Presidency.

He did such a good job. Both skits were hilarious and so much fun to watch. I have video of it but it is too big to upload onto blogger.

We bundled up and headed to the Veterans Day Parade. The boys LOVED the Police helicopter and talked about it the rest of the parade.

It was freezing cold so Grandma ordered some hot french fries, they were perfect!

Judy from Sugar's handed flags out. Kevin loves flags and he proudly waved it the whole parade.

Most of the floats were out of candy by the time they got to us but the boys were able to snag a few pieces. Wyatt was in heaven.

On the 13th we went to the Nellis Air Force Base Air Show. The boys, nick included, were really excited to see the planes.

However the excitement faded drastically after waiting in line to get on the bus for 2 hours! Everyone we knew got there just before us and got in the south line. We were parked right by the North line so we hopped in........they got in more then an hour before us.

Once in Kevin was enthralled by all the helicopters. He could have sat in the helicopter all day. he kept saying, " Mom step back so I can fly it". No guesses here on what he is going to do when he grows up :0)

Wyatt thought the planes were really loud but he LOVED watching all of them. He would point excitedly and yell, "Plane, plane" then he would hurry and cover his ears.

The bouncy houses were a very close second though.

We have had some really beautiful days in between our cold days, so we have been taking advantage of them by going to the park.

Kevin is so big, he is trying to pump his legs like Alex to swing himself. He is also still my little boy because after a couple minutes he wants to get in the "safe swing" and be pushed high.

Wyatt is so cute. He learned to jump up on the swing, hold his legs up and then just swing back and forth. He has so much fun and it's so cute to watch him jump as high as he can onto the swing.

Mekyla loves to do whatever her brothers are doing. She is afraid of nothing and will go anywhere they go. She loves to be outside and she really loves to be outside with her brothers.

I came out of "my office" the other night to see this. Daddy felt like Chocolate cake and the boys were more then happy to help out. They had just licked the beaters clean when I came in and Nick turned to talk to me. All of the sudden their beaters were loaded up with more chocolate, little stinkers!

Kevin is not much into sugar but he sure had a good helping of cake with Wyatt and Nick right along with him.

This year for Thanksgiving almost all of my Mom's family came to the Castle. It was so much fun to see everyone and to visit while eating great food!

The men braved the freezing cold wind to deep fry us a delicious turkey.

After eating the kids ran up to bouncy house the rest of the evening! They had so much fun. They came in sweaty with red noses and ears.
Thank You G&G Castle for the great food and the great Thanksgiving.

We woke up Friday morning early and tried to take advantage of some black friday deals. We got some great Christmas gifts that the kids are very, very excited about!


Fire -n- Ice said...

Sounds like you have been having tons of fun! Cute kids!

Trent & Tara said...

fun photos I can't believe little Myra is 8 now. She is one of my fav kids ever. What a darling fun to listen too girl.

Lauren said...

We drove by your parents house the other day and Allie said, "Wow does a princess live there?" That must've been you!!! You'll have to give us the tour sometime. Happy belated Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Perfect Bunny!!!