Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saturday Summary

We have all been enjoying the cooler weather this week. The boys LOVE putting on coats and playing outside.

Here are my little Trick or Treaters at the Castle and ready for candy. Mekyla's Jesse costume kept falling off at the birthday party so we did a last minute change. I wanted to stick to the Toy Story Theme so she used Wyatt's piggy costume and went as
Evil Dr. Porkchop!

Nick and I were going to tie potatoes to our heads and go as Mr & Mrs Potato Head, but he ended up having to go to work before we even went Trick or Treating so I wasn't going to dress up. 5 minutes before left Kevin said, "Mom wheres your costume? You can't go get candy with no costume. Do you want to stay home?"
I grabbed some tiny wings I had, Moki painted my face and off we went.

The boys loved the trunk or treat. I thought Wyatt would be afraid of everything but he walked into every scary and dark tent and asked for candy. It was so funny he would yell, "Thank you" when they handed him candy and then almost run to the next trunk. This puppy had a little cowboy on his back and the boys wanted to stay forever and pet him.

'Jones' came to the fairgrounds and the kids were excited to show her their costumes and candy!

Kevin and Wyatt were so hyper and luckily for me, Pa took the brunt of it.

I told the kids that they had to eat a hot dog before they could have candy......1 bite, 2 bites, 3 bites, GONE!

The Rhude's were so stinkin' adorable! 5 witches and a warlock. Wyatt was afraid of them and Kevin was confused for a minute! Moki was a much better fairy then I and Emmitt was such a cute cowboy! Jake was Bumblebee and Alex was Indiana Jones with a 5 o'clock shadow!

Thanks everyone for the fun times and great memories!

It was a perfect night and Wyatt was in Sugar heaven!

Everyone loved Kyla's costume and they were amazed that she kept the patch on.

On Monday we headed up to Stahlie Farm because they were open for another week. Well we got up there and they were closed! The guy there was nice and let us in, free of charge! The boys were in LOVE with the new water pumps they had. I think they spent most of their time there.

Kyla was a bit wobbly so Mom tied her on with a coat and she sat there smiled, kicked her feet and loved it!

Kevin said the slide wasn't very fun because the corn was gone. I went down with Wyatt and I agree, not as fun. So back over to the water pumps!

Alex was pretty pro at the swing. Wyatt just wanted to jump on the mattresses.

I tried uploading a video of Uncle Arthur Swinging them really fast but it won't upload! Thanks G&G Castle, it was so much fun having the farm to ourselves!

On the way home from St. George I met up with the Jones' for the twin's birthday dinner and movie. The movie was Hereafter, DON"T GO SEE IT!!!!! It was slow and had no story and was an all around bad movie! But dinner at Samuri 21 made up for it

This is a picture of our chef cooking fried rice. He was changing it from a birthday cake to a heart. He put the spatula under one side, pumped it and said, "Beating heart", then he mixed it all up and said, "broken heart", it was funny.

If you listen you can hear him blow a train whistle then the train went up in flames and turned into a candle :)

Alex invited us on his school fieldtrip to a farm in Vegas. We were all really excited!

Mekyla had so much fun walking around and looking at everything. And I think that Pa is just as smitten with her as her Daddy is, he followed her everywhere.

Kevin was excited to ride the BIG horse and looked like such a cute cowboy riding off.

I looked over to see where Wyatt and Kyla were for a second and when i looked back the horse was jumping, rearing back and Kevin was holding on for dear life. My heart dropped, my feet froze as I watched the man try and try to grab Kevin off! Luckily he did and they walked back over to the loading station.

I thought Kevin was going to be scarred for life and be afraid of horses, but when we asked him if he wanted to try again he said YES! I did not want him to get on the horse again, but he wasn't even afraid. The second ride went much smoother and Kevin loved it.

This was as close as Wyatt wanted to get to a horse and that was fine with me.

After Kyla saw everything she wanted to, she was perfectly happy to sit on Daddy's lap and eat.

We expected more but the kids seemed to have a good time.

Wyatt was mad when I took him off the hay ride but when i put him back on he climbed off and ran after the other boys.....I guess he just wanted to do it himself.

After the farm we headed to Bass Pro Shop, G&G Castle's favorite place to take the kids. They were having a Dog splash/jump contest in the parking lot.

It was really fun to watch the owners get the dogs all excited and then letting them run full blast to jump in the pool.

I think Wyatt loved it the most. He wanted to go swim with the dogs.

Proof we were there :)

Kyla was afraid of the huge aquarium but Daddy held her and she got used to it. I missed the best part though. They actually had a mermaid swimming in the aquarium and Wyatt was in love with her. He kept smiling at her and touching his hands to the glass where hers were.

It was a long fun day and the kids were exhausted when we finally started home. I know this picture is blurry but I wanted to make sure you could see the reflection. Mekyla stared at her reflection for the longest time and smiled. It was so cute.

It was a long fun filled week and if you made it this far you are wonderful!

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Very fun blog Bunny! Making fun memories with the little ones! Good Stuff. Thanks for sharing. XXXOOO Mom