Saturday, December 18, 2010

Saturday Summary

With Christmas right around the corner our house has been busy with preparation, anticipation and lots of......

Sleep overs!

Nick was out on December 1st and got ALL our lights up. I don't have a picture of them at night but they look AMAZING!! The boys were very happy to help.

When we were done looking at our lights we headed into town with the Villezcas', the Mortensens and G&G Castle to drive through the lights at the Speedway.

All the kids were in the back of the van and they never stopped, "oooh look at.....did you see......Mom look at......I see it, do you see it," I'm pretty sure it's safe to say they LOVED it. I thought this was the best year, the lights were awesome.

After we saw the lights we went to see Tangled. It was an adorable show, I just wish it wasn't in 3D. I really don't like 3D. After the show the boys tried out the new Motion Seats that they have in the theater. The boys want to try them out, I think I'll get sick!

Jones, had a jammin' tambourine part in her school Christmas program. When she was walking off stage Kevin yelled, "Good job Jones" and she did do a very good job :0)

The next day Jones came over and helped us decorate our tree. Our decorations are silver and blue jingle bells. The kids LOVE ringing them and putting them on the tree. Daddy helped them decorate the high spots and Jones helped them un-cluster the other spots.

With all the shopping we have been doing the boys have discovered that they love riding under the carts. Works for me!

While in town we met up with G&G Castle, the Villezcas' and Great Grandma Mac at Opportunity Village.

We had some expensive cafeteria food.

And poor Pa spent the whole night waiting in line for the train. The boys would ride the train, go run through the maze, have a bite to eat, then race to where Pa was holding their spot in line.

After a dozen times on the train and maze the boys decided to try out the slide. They laughed the whole way down and Kevin wanted to go, "Again and Again and Again and Again......"

And since Mom and Moki had walked them up the stairs they had to come down too :0)

The LVMPD set up was very, VERY pathetic, so Nick and I were traitors for the night and posed at the Fire station.

The lights, trees, decorations and atmosphere was wonderful. It really seems like a magical forest. G. Grandma Loved this tree, it was beautiful in person and looked like it was leaning over from all the decorations on it.

Thank you everyone for a great time and wonderful memories. Kevin tells us every night how many more nigh nights we have to take before it's Christmas and 7 is just too big of a number, hehe!


Fire -n- Ice said...

Looks like lots of fun! I'm glad to hear the lights are good at the speedway... Nate keeps telling me that we are going. We just haven't made it there yet! :) I always enjoy seeing all the fun times you guys are having. Thanks for sharing!

Emily said...

Hooray for this most wonderful time of the year! Love all of your pictures and LOVE YOU MORE!

Have a wonderful day!

See you soon!