Monday, January 17, 2011

My Mom Monday

So I told you that I was going to be doing a separate post to show you the amazing play house my Mom made.'s going to turn into 4 or 5 posts, because each side has so much detail and I want you to see it all.

So I'm starting with Mekyla's favorite side. This is the Garden. Mekyla loves to pull everything off and then watch her brothers put it all back on.

It has this adorable Apple tree! Each Apple is perfect with these cute little green stems.

They hook on by these little Velcro squares and I love the soft bumpy fabric that the tree is made out of!!

This is Kevin's favorite tree, a vegetable tree. It's so great that the kids have the freedom to use their imaginations.

One of my favorite things on this side is the personal stitching on the tree. I mean my Mom could have just sewn on the brown trunk and it would have been amazing. Kevin will say, "Mom look. This says Grandma & Grandpa love you"

Again the little details that you can find all around this play house amaze me.....have I said that word before? Love the Lady Bug!

Love the little Daisy hiding in the fun fringy grass!.

Love the "bricks" that are randomly all over the play house. And she didn't even straight stitch them on, she used fun stitching, which is harder to sew with.

Each fruit or vegetable has AMAZING stitching details that make each of them perfect.

My kids know what each one is without me telling them.

I find fruit and veggies in Wyatt's bed all the time :o)

THANK YOU SO MUCH MOM! We are all in love with the Play house and can't believe all the time, work and details you put into it!

Like I said I will be doing a post for each side because there is just so much to share, so check back next Monday!

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Cinnamon said...

Your mom is amazing. I just love her. That is just way adorable.