Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday Summary

We spent most of this week just hanging out around the house and playing.

Kevin is such a big helper. He loves Wyatt and Kyla and will get them whatever they want and if I'm not in the room I don't even know about it! I was hanging laundry one day and the kids were playing toys, Wyatt came in and said something to me so i looked at him and he had a bowl of dry cereal. i asked him where he got it and he shrugged his shoulders like, 'it's no big deal mom' and said, "Broder".

Wyatt has had some issues while sleeping which we think makes him tired and grouchy during the day, but then again I'm not quite sure if sleep or Daddy is what affects his mood. If Daddy will do nothing but play with Wyatt he is the happiest boy on the planet, ALL day long. Oh and if sister doesn't touch his dinosaurs!

When I pull the camera out and say Cheese Mekyla gives me this face.... gotta love it!

The boys LOVE playing with Daddy. Nick says it's only because I can't play with them like he does.... I think they simply just love playing with their Daddy. Moms are good for some belly laughs but they are their for snuggling. Dads can snuggle a little but they are best at playing.

Kevin has started really liking soccer, which Nick loves, so the other day we headed to the middle school to "practice". Wyatt wasn't so interested...

Kyla thought it was fun to try and "walk" Fur. He basically just walked around and she tried to keep up.

Wyatt stepped in to help but Fur just kept on walking. Kyla stepped in and they both pulled but Fur just kept walking. Wyatt gave up and Kyla tried something different.

Kyle decided it was a lot more fun to ride around and let Fur follow her. She would look over her shoulder and yell something at him and then shake her head "yes" when he looked at her. That girl has a mind all her own.

Kevin had so much fun playing soccer with Daddy. They took turns guarding the goal and shooting a goal. Nick taught him a couple different "drills" and Kevin was so cute trying to copy him.

When everyone was piled on me and starting to whine, even the dogs, I told Nick it was time to head home!

You know those awful parents that don't control their kids and let them climb all over things they shouldn't..........yeah that's us!
We were in Vegas and had some coupons so we headed to Chuck E Cheeses for some fun. Kevin loved this Dinosaur game and he was really good at it. He won like 300 tickets.

Wyatt of course loved the food. He liked the games but his favorite part about ANY game was just putting the coin in. The spongebob game lets you just put in coin after coin as fast as you can, I'm pretty sure that was his favorite :)

Mekyla loved the horse they had. Daddy had to hold the reins so the horse would "go" but she loved when the horse moved, if it stopped she would start rocking side to side to get it to go again. Her other favorite game was Hide & Seek. She ran away from us constantly! Luckily there was only 1 other family in there, but still we had to keep our eye on her the whole time!

So that's what we've been up to, just horsin' around and enjoying the beautiful weather we've been having. Hope you had a great week.

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Emily said...

Hooray for wholesome family fun! I hope you are feeling well!

Take care, my deary!