Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Summary :)

This week was a Grandma and Grandpa Castle week for sure! We started out the week by going back to the middle school so Kevin could show Pa his awesome soccer skills. Kevin called game over after he made 6 goals, because, "that's just a lot"

Wyatt kept Grandma running around too. He was more interested in throwing the ball then kicking it, but Nick is sure he will win him over and that he will become a great soccer player :)

Later in the week we headed over to the Castle to play on their really fun play set. It has less germs then the park and we get it all to ourselves! Wyatt wouldn't go down the slide himself but he loved going down with Kevin. The boys would laugh the whole way down and then Wyatt would yell, "again, again" when they got to the bottom.

Kevin got a little bored going down on his bum so he decided to go on his tummy. HE thought he was so cool.

After going down with brother over and over and then watching Kevin go by himself, Wyatt decided that he was brave enough to go down by himself. He liked it but but he didn't go down very many times.

The next day we went over for dinner and Pa nibbled on Kyla for dessert. Mekyla loves her Pa. She thinks he is so funny!

Mekyla had some leaking and was all wet so Grandma threw her in the tubby. I ran to the post office and then home to grab some new clothes for Kyla. When I got back Grandma had Kyla all scrubbed and had painted her fingernails and toenails. I don't know HOW she did it but Kyla looked so cute and she loved it. If you ask to see her fingers she will show them to you.

A couple days later we were having Grandma and Pa withdrawals so we headed back to the Castle to help with some chores. The boys love to help and were really excited to rake up some piles and then BURN them. They thought it was great.

Mom and Dad's water heater started leaking and so Nick helped get it out of the house and up the hill.

While waiting for Pa and Daddy to make it up the hill with the big water heater the kids played in the back of the truck. They were having so much fun, we had to drag them away when it was time to go in.

While we were there and just hanging out Nick climbed up in the attic and tried to find out where in the heck all the water is coming from?!? After a lot of knocking and banging and talking through the intercom, they think they may have found the spot! Only the next repair job and rain will tell.

After all our hard work, and after Grandma and Pa left to go get a new water heater, we headed up to the roof and turned on the bouncy house. It was a beautiful day and since we have all been feeling sick we needed the vitamin D.

Kevin took my camera in the bouncy house and caught some of the action for me. He is actually turning into a good little photographer.

Thanks you Grandma and Pa Castle for letting us come hang out this week and for all the fun!


Fire -n- Ice said...

What a fun week! And I love Kyla's piggies! Both the nails and the hair! :D Thanks for being better at updating than I am! ;)

Emily said...

I love those cute faces against the blue sky!

Hope you are well!