Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Time Travel Tuesday.......

We are traveling all the way back to 2010. To the time of jingle bells, Santa and reindeer.

This year I wanted to make Candy Cane Reindeer. I loved making these when I was young and Nick has never made them. Kevin was very proud of himself and his favorite part was hanging the finished reindeer on the tree.

Wyatt had so much fun picking out the colors he wanted to use. After gluing on the antlers I told Wyatt, "Pick your nose". I looked over to see what color pom-pom he picked and he had his finger up his nose!

The kids and I used 1 color for the antlers, Nick was having so much fun he was using 2 colors and twisting them together. On his last one he went all out. He was by far the best looking buck on our tree.

We went caroling with the Castle crew and then the kids tried to calm down enough to go to sleep. We read about baby Jesus, we sang about Frosty, we said a Christmas Prayer and snuggled down in to our beds.

Christmas Morning was filled with so much joy.

and some disappointment too.

With all the rain we had the week before our backyard was a soupy mess. Luckily we had given Santa our garage code so he just dropped off our new trampoline inside the garage.

We called G&G Castle when the kids first woke up. Luckily they didn't show for over an hour because the kids jumped and jumped and jumped and jumped.........

We knew the boys would love it but we were shocked by how much Mekyla loved it. Even when the boys jumped by her and she face planted, she would just hop back up, laugh and start running around.

Mekyla got a little Furr-Reals Kitty and Grandpa thought it was real! He loved it so much more when he found out it was fake. He picked it up and held it the whole time he was at our house. it was so much fun to watch him.

Kevin begged for this Helicopter for weeks but we told him no because it was too close to Christmas. Thank you SO much Jones for getting it because it made this the , "Best Christmas ever"

Kevin wasn't very interested in opening more then one gift. Wyatt wanted to open each gift asap. Mekyla loved looking at the gifts once she got them but did NOT like the sound of tearing paper.

Again, Thank you Jones for Wyatt's Buzz Lightyear. This was the only toy that made Wyatt not want to open another present. He was in love.

Here is Kyla keeping a safe distance away from her Kitty. She LOVED it, she just didn't want to touch it.

My MOM is AMAZING!! She made this castle playhouse for the kids. I mean like hours and hours on a sewing machine. I am going to be doing a separate post and go into a lot more detail so I can show you just how AMAZING this play house is!!!

The kids thought it was great (and still do) and they even talked PA into coming in for a bit.

Thank you everyone for a wonderful Christmas. We love the Christmas Season and hope that all of you will help us keep it going all year long.

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Fire -n- Ice said...

Yay for a post! :0) Wyatt is too funny... I love that he 'picked his nose'. And you are right... those castles are amazing! Looks like you guys had a great Christmas! Hope your 2011 is great also!