Sunday, March 13, 2011

Saturday Summary

All three of my babies have had these nasty mucus coughs that just won't go away. The Dr. said to give them 2 breathing treatments a day for a we did....and they are still hanging around!?!?

After Castle Cousin sleep overs and the Castle we had 'Egg McMuffins'. Auntie Moki bought eggs, muffins and bacon. It was a great breakfast and we had a lot fun!

After breakfast every window blind in the living room was taken down, washed, dried and the hung back up!

It was crazy high and took All Day, but after 10 years, the blinds were in need of some TLC.

The blinds aren't the only ones who got a lot of TLC this week. Mekyla loves her brothers so much! Kevin stops whatever he is doing and returns the love. Wyatt stops whatever he is doing to push her away and then runs screaming!

Fur isn't quite sure what he should do. He really wants attention from Mekyla but then when he gets is, he isn't sure he loves it? we try to keep her from torturing him too much but.....

Sunday we headed into Vegas to see our newest niece Katelyn blessed. I'm not sure what I was thinking and why I didn't get a picture of her, but she was adorable! After church we went to Nate & Kels for lunch. There were A LOT of kids there and while eating out back they separated themselves into Boys and Girls.

While everyone was together we celebrated Caiden and Rylan's Birthdays. Again, I didn't get a picture of Rylan but Caiden really loved his new camera.

And here is Rylan waiting, patiently, with all the other kids for Uncle Nick to cut the cake! It was REALLY Yummy!

Mekyla didn't get a slice of her own, but she went around the house and finished off every piece that was left on an abandoned plate..... and I still can not figure out why my kids are sick :)

For those of you who don't know, Wyatt has snored since he was a baby. When he turned 1 it got worse and during the last 6 months it has gotten Really Bad! He gasps for breath all night long and never falls into a deep sleep. After going to a couple Drs it was determined that we had to take out his tonsils. He had to fast before the surgery so his 'last supper' was 3 of his favorite things; cheetos, donuts and Grandma Castles "tea".

He got a new book while waiting for his turn and he happily read it to his dinosaurs. When it was his turn the nurse let me walk him all the way back to the operating room door, but then I had to hand him over and cry as I watched him cry and call for me.

I sat in the waiting room crying until Nick came. We knew he would be okay because Nick had given him a blessing and felt confident that Wyatt would come through and heal quickly. I wasn't afraid that anything would happen I just felt so terrible that I had to hand him over while he was awake and scared.

When the surgery was over Dr. Goll came out and told us that Wyatt's tonsils were 'ridiculously large' and that he had to put tubes in Wyatt's ears because they were so full of fluid, infection, were swollen and he didn't think they would drain on their own. He also said they had some trouble waking him up but it wasn't a big deal. Well when they took us back to recovery, Wyatt was on oxygen and the Anesthesiologist called me over. He said that Wyatt had stopped breathing and that it took them 15-20 minutes before he would breath on his own. There was never a scare that his heart would stop, but they were really concerned about why he wouldn't breath on his own. He told us we need to follow up with our Pediatrician and that they were keeping him over night to make sure he never stopped breathing during his sleep. It was a little scary to see the Anesthesiologist so shaken, he said that he has been doing this for a long time and he could handle it, but he wasn't prepared for it.

It took Wyatt a long time to fully wake up from the anesthesia and to do anything but cry. After he took 2 good LONG naps he was awake, happy and ready for anything we would let him eat. He was so excited when they brought ice cream! He kept taking the spoon from Daddy because Daddy wasn't spooning it fast enough!! He went 36 hours without any pain meds! He never acted like his throat hurt, he never winced, never cried, never stopped eating or drinking. We are so happy that the surgery is over and that Wyatt is already breathing SO MUCH BETTER! He has been 'wired' since the surgery and we aren't sure if it's all the sugar or all of the deep oxygenated sleep he has been getting.
We love our Wy-Wy and we love all of you that prayed for us. Thank You G&G castle for watching Kevin and Mekyla. Hope you all have a very Healing week!


Bowler Family said...

Poor poor Wyatt!! I'm glad he's better and that he got through it so good!! I'm glad you did too!! :)

Fire -n- Ice said...

I am so glad he is recovering so fast. Isn't it wonderful to see how much happier they are after getting something 'fixed'? :0) We Love You Wyatt!

Oh... Caiden LOVES the picture he took of you taking one of him. He laughs and tells us about it everytime he looks at it! :)

Emily said...

Oh Bun, I am so glad that he is doing so much better.

Such a sweet little family you have!!

Love you loads!!

Holiday Windows said...

I am so distrustful of doctors and hospitals that I have been shaking in my boots. So glad to see my sweet boy home and doing so well. So sorry for all the hard stuff you had to go through Bunny. I cry thinking of them taking Wyatt off into surgery crying. Big Big Sigh. Glad it is over and Wy Wy is on the mend. Bunny, get some rest and unwind from your ordeal, new little baby needs you healthy and strong and unstressed. Love you all Mom

Trent & Tara said...

you poor little kiddos. are you expecting again? you said your doc said you can't do pilates till fall. if you are congrats how exciting:D I would love to have you join my class anytime.