Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday Summary

We hope you all had a wonderful and pain free St. Patrick's Day. Nick has 1 green shirt and it was in the wash, but he did have on the 4 leaf clover I bought him to wear with his uniform.

Wyatt Update: Wyatt is doing Extremely well. If you didn't know that he had surgery this week, you would never know! He has only taken 1 dose of pain meds each day and not because he needed it, I just gave it to him at bed time to make sure he had a good night's sleep. He sleeps silently and has the energy of 10 kids, never stops playing and is already starting to talk a little better. We are very proud of him and so grateful that he is better.

G & G Castle dug out some great soil from their pond so Nick went over and got a truck load, then went to Bryan's house to pick up some mulch. The kids had so much fun 'helping' Daddy with the new dirt.

After they unloaded the dirt the boys decided that it would be more fun to Jump in the dirt than to play in it.

Wyatt was afraid to jump by him self but Daddy held his hand while he jumped over and over and over....

Mekyla had so much fun playing in the dirt. She actually was putting the dirt in her diaper when I came out to check on them! The boys were just stripped and sent into the tubby, but Kyla had to be washed before she could even get in the tubby.

Nick wanted to plant a couple flowers to see if they lived, because we have really Bad luck with plants. when we got to the store we decided to skip the flowers and get veggies! If they live, we might get veggies, if they don't then we know that we have really brown thumbs. We are excited and hoping for the best. We aren't asking a lot just 1 tomato or 1 strawberry : )

All three boys enjoyed a pudding after lunch and were playing outside. Mekyla came into the computer room and grabbed the pudding that was sitting by me, I let her have it because it was closed. Well when Nick came in from outside he called for me. Kyla had gathered all the pudding and was shoveling as fast as she could before someone found her! I'm just happy that she gathered it all on the table.

We went to the Castle to let the boys play in the BIG dirt pile! They had a blast and then had even more fun in 'the pool'.

with all the jumping and splashing that was going on, 'the pool' had to be refilled. The water coming from the hose was FREEZING but the boys didn't seem to mind. They thought it was so much fun to play in.

It has been a great week. Thank You G & G Castle for the dirt and 'the pool'. Thank You Villezcas family for the fun!

Hope you have a fabulous week!

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Emily said...

Oh, Bun...I am so glad that Wyatt is doing so much better. What a blessing!

That Kyla girl is getting so grown up...that first picture of her looks like such a little lady!

Hope you are well in every way!