Thursday, March 31, 2011

Saturday Summary x2 on a Wednesday!

I have been a real slacker the last 2 weeks with blogging, but I have been busy. I have had a ton of pictures to edit for Kiss A Frog and Kelli has been using all my "internet" time to play Rummikub.

Kevin got to go with the Villezcas Family and Pa Castle to MONSTER JAM! He was SO excited!! He kept telling us, "2 more nigh nights" "1 more nigh night". He would list off all the trucks he wanted to see. He was really excited to see Taz, but when he got there, Taz was RED not BROWN and he was very disappointed!

And don't let this pictures fool you, he thought it was, "the most awesome thing ever" to climb up into Grave Digger. He talked and talked about it when he got home.

Thank You Villezcas Family for letting Kevin tag along and Thank You Pa Castle for taking Kevin. he thought it was "awesome".

Jones took us out to the Zoo in Moapa. It was cold and windy but it was a lot of fun! We didn't bring any fruit but there was a nice family there that shared with us.

Kevin was excited to see the "king Julian" monkeys, walked right over to them and stuck his finger in, just like he did with all the other animals. Well these ones were NOT nice and they bit him. He bled for a bit and wasn't too excited about seeing the resat of the animals.

The guy holding the snake kept saying, "come pet him, he's nice" so when Kevin walked over I was surprised when he pulled the snake away quickly and said, "don't pet him there or he'll bite you"....umm not cool. I wasn't very happy when Wyatt wanted to pet him, or Nick shoved Kyla in the "nice snakes" face!

Wyatt wanted the bananas that everyone was feeding the Kangaroos. He couldn't care less about petting them, just snatching the banana from their hand.

After the bite, the tour and seeing a HUGE porcupine, Kevin finally got excited about the animals when he saw the otters. He could have stood there for hours. He thought everything about them was, "so awesome".

His little heart almost burst when we went inside and he found out he could HOLD a baby otter! It was really excited and squirmed right out of his hands, but he thought it was, "so awesome"

From the moment we walked in Kevin asked, "do they have a Zebra?". Well near the end we found one. A little baby one, but it was a Zebra and it wanted to be friends.

Kevin shares Nicks love for birds. He took it like a pro when a bird walked from his arm to his head. And he had a blast when Daddy put another bird on his shoulder. He was so proud of himself for holding 2 birds! Wyatt thought it was funny, but didn't want Kevin to get too close!

Well there you have it. We will be at the Fair this week but I will try and get something posted on Sunday : )

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