Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wandom Wednesday

I realized that my Saturday Summary didn't post, so here it is on a Wednesday!

Our trampoline has been in the Garage since Christmas and the kids have loved it.  Mommy can't say, "sorry it's too cold" or "Sorry it's rainy".  They can jump all they want in the comfort of our own home and watch the cold/rainy day from the window.  However, Nick decided it was time to move it out back.

 It is too big to talk in between our house and the neighbors so we had to take a hike!  Down our street, take a right and then through a yard and over their back fence and into our yard.  It was kind of a round a bout way of doing it but it worked.  

Whenever we are in town we stop at Petland.  They WANT you to pick up, pet and play with all the animals.  They want them to be well socialized so we take the kids and let them play!  Mekyla loves to run up and down the aisle and watch the puppies jump at her, but none of them actually touch her!  Wyatt loves the birds and so does Kevin.  Last time we went they pulled the parrot out and all 3 boys got to feed it some nuts... needless to say they all went a little nuts!
We had a gift card for Macaroni Grill so we headed on over after working up an appetite at the pet store.  Anyways, after sitting, ordering, waiting, eating and being tricked into paying for something we would have gone without!!!  We decided the only good thing about Macaroni Grill is the paper tablecloths.  The kids loved them and didn't whine at all about the waiting or the food : )

We went into town a lot the last week and since we knew Macaroni Grill was a no no... we met up with Pa and went to Sweet Tomatoes.  Kyla was in heaven and downed her Mac & Cheese, Wyatt's Mac & Cheese and was even eying the little bit Kevin had on his plate!

Kevin LOVES when we meet up with Pa for lunch.  He thinks it is the coolest thing and they always have a lot of fun.  Kevin loves salad, which is great, so he thinks Sweet Tomatoes is, "the greatest place ever"!

Mother Nature hasn't been able to make up her mind a lot the last month.  We aren't complaining, but I always have to go walk around outside before I can dress the kids in the morning.  We have been enjoying the days full of sunshine and warmth.  All three of my kids love to be outside and could play for hours.  I encourage this because, A: the house stays more clean and B: We are in desperate need of the wonderful vitamen D that has been far away for far too long.

Nick makes a big breakfast at least once a week and this week I told him to put some 'love' in it, so he did!

Nick and I decided that Daisy had finally calmed down enough and had learned enough to be able to go to another family.  She is a gorgeous dog and we both wanted to keep her, but that was never the plan.  We don't have a big enough yard or a big enough car and our kids are too little.  We were able to find her a home with a couple guys who just lost a Lab they had had for years.  They were in love with her! Unfortunately the 2 dogs they already had kept fighting with her so they gave her to a friend with 2 older children.  They think she is the best dog in the whole world.  They took her into the vet, got he shots, gave her a flea bath and have been spoiling her rotten ever since.  I told Nick that all the training we did probably went right out the window!  Oh well, we are glad that Daisy is happy.

Pa got a Kinect for his birthday and the grandkids have been more than happy to help try it out!  It is a lot of fun to play but I think it is more fun to just sit back and watch.

Mekyla was so funny because she would run up there and copy what everyone was doing.  I think she thought we were all just dancing funky!

Kevin wanted to play but didn't want to play.  We finally talked him into trying it and he had a blast.  He is a perfectionist like Nick and has a hard time when he doesn't do everything A+ all the time, but with some encouragement he calmed down and had fun.

Nick took me to St. George for my birthday.  It was a BIG surprise!  He took the day off and everything and that is a big deal because he Never takes the day off to just 'hang out'.  We went out to eat at brick oven because I LOVE PASTA and Nick doesn't care for it, so we never go there.  He took me shopping and just let me wander and Look at whatever I wanted and never reminded me that "we can't buy that".  Then we went to a $1 movie and laughed and laughed about how spoiled we had gotten and how "old" this theater was.  I would explain but it was one of those, "you had to be there" moments.

The kids have been sick again lately so all the running around and playing has really worn them out!  We are going to really take advantage of this next week to rest up because it is going to get really busy here and we need some down time!

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Fire -n- Ice said...

You guys are always super busy and having lots of fun! Makes me jealous! ;0) I agree with you on the 'sitting back and watching'... that video is awesome! Thanks for sharing!