Sunday, April 10, 2011

Saturday Summary

We headed into Vegas for Wyatt's follow-up appointment and to run a few errands. The kids had taken a long nap and were not very excited about the long drive home so we stopped at Aliente Park to get the wiggles out!

I was frantically trying to keep an eye on Kevin because he wanted to do everything! He went down every slide, climbed in every hole and ran through every tunnel.

After my nerves couldn't take anymore we took a stroll around the pond. The geese were really friendly until they discovered that we didn't have any food. Then they wanted nothing to do with us.

We were all really excited to see a turtle with a little tiny baby. We were surprised when we rounded the corner and found a couple dozen more turtles, of all sizes, bathing in the sun.

Since the swings, the slides, the tunnels, the dirt, the geese, the turtles and the walk around the pond didn't free the kids of all their energy, Nick ran the kids up and down a nearby hill. It was so adorable to watch. Kevin and Wyatt usually broke free and ran faster, but Daddy stayed by his little girl and they all had a blast!

Kevin asked me to draw a rainbow the other day while we were playing with chalk. He was very proud of himself when he was able to draw one of his own.

It was mekyla's first time playing with chalk and she went a little wild with it. The sidewalk wasn't her only canvas!

We went over to Jones' for Pa Jones' B-day. Poor Rylan didn't get to eat much of his cake because he kept giving Madi bites and Kyla kept helping herself.

After cake we went to the cemetery to release balloons up to Heaven.

It was freezing cold and windy, so the balloons flew off very fast. We tried to watch them for as long as we could but it wasn't very long.

And we all had a Mountain Dew for Pa Jones.

It still seems so crazy to think of him as dead and yet it is becoming 'normal' and familiar. He is living with Jesus as Kevin says and serving an extended mission as Nick says.

When Nick goes running in the afternoon we pack up everyone in the van and go with. The kids love to ride/run around the track and Fur just loves to be out of the backyard.

Wyatt noticed the 'bugs' soon after we got there but wouldn't touch them. Kevin thought the lady bugs were 'awesome' and loved watching them crawl all over.

We found TONS of 'bugs'. The grass looked like it was moving in some spots because there were so many! The kids spent a good half hour just watching and playing with them.

Mekyla and Fur are Nicks biggest supporters and really helpful coaches!

After all our fun we jumped in the tubby to wash away all the dirt and 'bugs'. Wyatt has even started taking tubbies with Kyla and is liking it : )

Hope you all had a wonderful week and next week we will tell you all about the fun we had at the Fair!

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