Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday Summary

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Clark County Fair April 2011
Well this year the fair was a little like this...

Thursday was WINDY! I couldn't even push the stroller because the wind was so strong. Luckily my wonderful husband took the week off and he used all his muscles to fight the wind :) Usually on Thursday we ride the rides but we changed things up and decided to look around INSIDE all the tents.

Kevin loved the kids science area in the Big white tent. He went around to every puzzle and tried to figure it out. He is a perfectionist like Nick and he loves to figure out puzzles like Nick too. I have a feeling he is going to be very smart.

They had a paint spinner art in the Big white tent also. Wyatt thought it was great. He would say "wow" each time he put a new color on the spinner. He was very proud of his art and carried it for a long time. All the dusty wind made his allergies act up. Poor little guy had huge boogers in his eyes all day but he was happy.

All our kids Love the Small Animals Building. We could walk around that building for Hours and none of them would get bored! The favorite, hands down the piggies. We stayed for a good 45 minutes while they looked at and pet the piggies.

Mekyla is such a climber. She will and Can climb almost anything in front of her. And she has no fear! We had to keep a close eye on her because she would climb to the very top of any fence and try to climb over. Once she realized we wouldn't let her climb over, she started trying to climb Through the fences!

Here is the annual Saddle picture. I need to pull out last years to compare, but I love taking the kids pictures on the saddle every year.

Friday was G&G Castle's 35th wedding anniversary. And despite all the warm love of their 35 years the day was terribly cold!

We got to hang with Jones for a little part of the day.

But then the rides opened up and I don't think we left the carnival area until after dark. My Dr. said I could ride any ride that didn't go upside down. However, Nick said there was no way he was going to let me ride, so he downed some Dramamine and said he would ride until he threw up. What a man :) Pa said he would trade off so that neither of them had to get very sick ... but it always seemed to be "Pa's Turn" when the easy rides came up!

Nick did amazing. He felt dizzy a couple times but he rode every ride the boys wanted to and never complained. He even rode the spinning ones back to back. Thanks babe!

Kevin loved every minute of the rides. He was cold sometimes (even with the 7 layers we had on) but he had so much fun with Alex, Jacob and his Daddy that he didn't want to stop. He would take bites of sandwich between rides, but he wanted to just keep going. He is still an inch or two too short to go alone on some rides, but he thought it was more fun to go with his Daddy.

Wyatt wanted to go on every ride he saw, even the Really Big Ones. He was so upset when the big boys would go on a ride without him, but Pa would take him and Jake through a fun house and Wyatt was in heaven. His favorite was riding the big boat with his Daddy.

Mekyla thought that she should be able to go wherever her Daddy went and had a hard time letting him go. She did get to ride the big boat and she smiled the whole time. She loved the little rides and had a blast. Nick is starting to worry because while riding the airplanes she smiled, batted her eyes and talked to the little boy behind her the Whole Time! She was such a flirt and I think Nick was truly jealous :)

Unlike Kevin, Wyatt took a break from the rides to rest for a little bit. When he woke up he was full of energy and ready for another round.

Well after dark we called it a day and packed up to head home. Kevin wanted to stay and ride more with Uncle Arthur and Alex but he could barely keep his eyes open and it started to get nasty cold. Before we were out the gate Kevin was asleep and before we reached the van, Wyatt was asleep. Kyla made it half way home before she gave in and nick made it 10 steps into the house before he crashed : )

Saturday we heard rumors of 'rain' but unless the forecast says 95% chance or more, then we never get rain, so we headed to the fair. Well while there it rained, snowed, hailed and slushed on us! It was crazy!!!

Kevin did the bungie/trampoline thing. He had SO much fun. The girl showed him how to do a back flip and once he figured it out, he never stopped. I was getting dizzy just watching him, he HAD to be dizzy from flipping so much! He was very proud of himself.

We thought Wyatt would love the bungie jumping thing, but he didn't want to do it. He wanted a gun! Nick didn't want to buy one because they were $20 each and were cheap, but we found a stall that sold smaller ones for $8 and they had lights and moving parts. The boys were in heaven!!

While running around looking at all the sites and trying to figure out how to get inside a fence, Mekyla slipped and landed face first on a metal bar. She came up screaming and was grabbing her mouth/nose. I thought she was going to have a broken nose and it looked like almost instant bruising under her eyes and across her cheek. Daddy calmed her down, kissed it better and there was no blood. 5 minutes later I looked at her and saw that her lip was sticking out a good inch or more! The color under her eyes had gone away (it was just from her crying) but her lip bruised and stayed swollen for a couple days!

I was alittle worried when she conked out 15 minutes later ... but no concussion just worn out from all the fun!

Even though there were 3 bad weather days this year, we still had so much fun at the fair. We love having something 'different' to do and running into so many friends. I can't wait for next year and Nick says the rides are all mine ... Wahoo!!

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