Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kevin's Preschool Graduation

In the fall we put Kevin into a little Preschool that was taught by one of our friends. It was a really small group and we were excited for him to get some great 1on1 teaching.

Kevin loved going to 'school' and he loved his teacher. He is so smart and loves to practice his letters and is very proud of himself that he can spell and write his own name.

Nick was gone when Kevin 'graduated' so I was trying to take pictures and video and watch the other 2 kids!! But it was a fun little ceremony and the kids all were very happy and proud of themselves.

Thank Joshlyn for letting Kevin be apart of your '10-'11 Preschool class. He loved it and we are so happy with the growth that we have seen in him. We are very proud of Kevin and I'm a little scared that he is getting so big. The other night I started thinking about putting him on the bus to go to school and I started to panic and almost cry!

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Emily said...

I haven't been over here for a while...and it looks like you've been busily posting! Such fun!

Your kids are, as always, adorable. And so lucky to have you for a mom!

Have a great day!