Friday, May 20, 2011

Misc. Catch Up

While Nick was gone I had to fight this HUGE centipede that was luckily already dying! But even after smashing the heck out of him, he still kept moving and wiggling!!!! It was horrible! I think this is the moment I missed Nick the most!

Mekyla would wake up every morning while Nick was gone and go to the garage door and say, "daddy, daddy, daddy". She was kind of grouchy and wanted to be held but I was able to distract her with "outside" and letting her torture Fur .... just a bit : )

Kevin is getting so big! Nick told him that while he was gone, he wanted to Kevin to take care of Wyatt and Kyla and to help Mommy. He took it literally! Several times during the 10 days I would hear him tell the others, "I'm the Daddy so let me do it" or "Come here and let Daddy fix it". Usually he bathes alone because he is getting so big, but while Daddy was gone, he wanted to squeeze in with Wyatt & Kyla! They were so funny playing together.

Everyone kept asking me, "so what are you planning to do while Nick is gone?" and I always told them that I had no plan! I just 'planned' to go with the flow and have fun!

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