Saturday, May 21, 2011

Misc. Catch Up

Kevin has become addicted to video games! The only thing that can tempt him away from the games is swimming. Last summer Kevin would BEG to play in water of ANY kind and this summer he actually stops and has to think about what he wants to do more, play in water or play games. It's funny though that whenever Kevin goes out in the sun he says, "Sunburn, Sunburn" and then runs for shade. I try to teach the kids that they HAVE to have sunblock on or the sun could give them ouchies and like everything, Kevin takes it literally and thinks anytime the sun is out and shines on him, he could get a sunburn. Silly Boy!

Wyatt was a champ when he got his cast on, no crying, no whining and was happy. When we took him to get his cast off!!!! It was totally opposite. He did NOT want them to take off his cast and he didn't want anyone to touch it. We tried talking to him before we got to the Dr. and let him know that his leg was better and that they would take off the "big bandaid". He kept telling us NO NO NO and we kept telling him it would be okay. He was already upset when they started touching the cast, but when they turned on the REALLY LOUD saw and started sawing it off, he FREAKED!!! Nick held him and tried to calm him down but he was very upset. After the Dr. cut off the cast he threw it away and then walked out ... so I made Nick reach in the garbage and pull it out because it was signed by all of us! He didn't want to but you don't argue with a pregnant lady who is holding a crying toddler!

Mekyla still doesn't really like water? She likes the hose on our front porch always and warm tubby water, sometimes, but other than that she hates it. She actually cries whenever we pull out her swim suit and runs when we try to put it on. She doesn't like to get in the pool even with someone holding her and she hates blow up water slides! She will hang on the edge of a pool and dangle her legs in and she will stretch out her hand and reach as far as she can so that just her fingers get splashed by water. We aren't sure were she got her hate of water because both Nick and I lived in water as children.

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