Thursday, May 5, 2011

Misc. Catch Up

Wyatt has been doing really good with his cast. He crawled for the first couple days, it was really sad ( and cute ) to watch. He actually got really fast at crawling with it on and when he needed up he would sit on his bum and reach his arms up to you and just look at you with his big blue eyes. Like I said, sad but oh so cute! We have talked him into getting back on the trampoline but he doesn't like when brother is on there at the same time bouncing.

Kevin's Villezcas cousins have been really into Kung Fu Panda lately and so he has been on a Kung Fu Panda 'kick' lately as well. He loves to go out on the trampoline and practice his 'Kung Fu' moves. Some of them actually look pretty darn good.

Mekyla has been on a torturing streak lately and the person that she loves to torture the most is Wyatt. Not sure if it's because he is 'smaller' and 'slower' then her right now or because they are so close in age, but whatever the reason there is lots of torture. Nick has decided that maybe he should stop babying her and start being a LITTLE more firm ... we'll see how that goes!

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