Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Misc. Catch up

Kevin has been such a big helper, well he is always a big helper, so I guess I should say that he is Still a big helper. He has fallen in LOVE with video games lately. Every morning he wakes up and asks if he can play. So I don't have to be the mean Mom and just say NO, we have started putting him in charge of doing some chores. He has to feed Fur every morning and he has to help Wyatt and Kyla get a drink of water and he has to practice writing his name and saying his letters. Kevin is such a good big brother and the best child ever. He is always smiling and always willing to help. He loves to snuggle and still wants his binkie when he is sleepy.

Wyatt stinks! And I don't mean that in like, he is a little stinker, I mean it like, he actually stinks! His cast can't get wet and so we have only been giving him spit baths and now that he is walking on his cast and playing and getting sweaty he is starting to stink! It took A LOT of convincing to get him to even step on it, but once he stepped on it a couple times he actually started walking on it. But then he went to sleep and we had to talk him into it all over again. I got desperate to bathe him so I wrapped his leg in a plastic garbage bag and laid him on his back. He was as happy as a clam to lay there and play.

Mekyla loves to be outside. She can hear the door open from the other side of the house and she will come running as fast as she can and if the door even looks like it is going to close then she dives for it and lets out a scream so you know she is coming. She doesn't like to be submerged in water, even in the tub. If the water starts to get too high then she whines and wants to get out. She LOVES water that sprays though. She loves to put her face in it, her hands, her toes. She has so much fun when Nick goes out to water his plants. Her favorite thing to do ... get down on all fours and LICK the water off the sidewalk! We have to watch her like a hawk and tell her no because if we take our eyes off of her for a second she hits the ground and starts licking it!!

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