Thursday, May 12, 2011

Misc. Catch Up

While the boys were having a sleep over at the Castle, Kyla took all of her 'nesting' things over to Kevin's bed and snuggled in. She has her favorite blankets with ribbons on them that she has to have and rub at night, but there are lots of other things that she wants to have around her. Nick and I call it her 'little nest'. She always has 3-4 blankets, 2-3 baby dolls a binkie and no matter how much we pull her hands away she pulls at her eyelashes!! Her 'nest' doesn't look like much in Kevin's bed but when it's all crammed into her crib it looks very nest like and I'm not sure how she sleeps with it all.

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Bowler Family said...

Ella has a nest too!! She has 5 or 6 stuffed animals a blanket and a pillow pet. She can barely even carry everything!