Friday, May 27, 2011

Misc Catch Up

When Daddy got home he was pinning for the beach and going through withdrawals so we headed to the pool. The pools in town weren't open yet so we headed to Mesquite and enjoyed their indoor, heated pool.

After we got there we realized that we had forgotten all of the kids floaties!!! Luckily the pool has a great shallow end, but both Nick and I were on edge watching them all like hawks! Kevin decided that he wanted to learn how to swim with out his floaties so Nick gave him a swimming lesson. He is a great little swimmer ... with his floaties : ) He can't keep his head above water without them. He moves his arms and legs great and just sinks! I think it is because he is so dang stocky, I mean he is built like a brick. We should have signed him up for swimming lessons this summer, but I forgot about it until it was too late!

Wyatt isn't a big 'swimmer' even when he does have his floaties on. He likes to just play in water and still be able to stand or ride on Daddy. Wyatt stayed in the shallow end by me and had so much fun playing with his dinosaurs. His dinosaurs roared and splashed and frolicked and giggled. Usually Wyatt plays for awhile but is ready to leave when we say, 'let's go', but not this time. This time he wanted to just keep playing and was un-happy to go.

Mekyla, in true girl fashion, sat on the side and looked cute while watching the boys be silly! She dipped her toes in a little and laughed at the boys, but when Daddy would come close to her she would get up and run away, she was so afraid that he would put her in the water!! If Daddy stayed back then she was happy to sit back in the sun with Mommy's glasses and just watch. She is such a funny little thing!

Even though we had fun while Daddy was gone, we were all VERY happy when he returned. Everything is always more fun when you have a Daddy to tackle and play with!

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