Sunday, May 1, 2011

Saturday Summary

We have been enjoying some beautiful weather lately so we talked G&G Castle into a little 4-wheeler ride. Wyatt and Mekyla were happy as clams before we even went anywhere.

We didn't go far or for very long but we had fun. Kevin was so happy that he got to ride with Pa and Wy-Wy loved 'driving'. Kyla wasn't very happy while moving because we wouldn't let her hang over the edge and watch the tires. She was happy though when Daddy let her stand on his lap.

On our way home Wyatt rode next to Kevin behind Pa. The cactus blooms were beautiful and there was amazing scenery. Thanks for the fun ride!

We went to the Spanish Branch Easter Party and got to see and pose with the Easter Bunny!

All the kids were excited. Kevin thought it was 'so awesome' and Wyatt was upset when we took it away. Kyla looks upset but she really isn't. She was smiling and giggling, it just looks sad for some reason?

Grandma Castle and Auntie Moki were painting faces/arms and Wyatt was addicted. He had both arms, his face, both feet, his toe nails painted, fingernails painted and was trying to get some art on his belly. Nick and I have decided that we need to start talking about tattoos NOW because we don't want him to come home with full body art one day :)

Dr. Gorman has heard a heart murmur twice while treating Kevin and told us he wanted us to get it checked out just to make sure it wasn't something serious. We took him into the "heart Dr" and found out that he Does have a murmur but it is an 'innocent" murmur. It won't affect him playing sports or anything and we never have to have to checked again. Yeah!

Nick has really been interested in planning our yard design. What plants, how many, what grows the best, how big they get ... etc, etc. Kevin Loves to pull the wagons around Star Nursery and Mekyla and Wyatt love to ride so it's a win/win!

That night we decided to keep enjoying the outside by jumping on the trampoline. Well somehow Wyatt landed on his foot wrong and it bent the Wrong Way! His face went white, his eyes went wide and something was wrong. Nick thought that he had just rolled it, which can really hurt, and that Wyatt would be up and walking the next morning.

Well the next morning we woke up and Wyatt was crying and army crawling out of his room. I called every Dr. in the Valley and Dr. Gorman got us in first. Wyatt was smiling while we waited and would move his leg, so everyone looked at me like, "you think it's broken? Pu-leese".

A little surprised himself, Dr Gorman came in and told us that Wyatt's leg was indeed fractured! Not big but it would need a cast. We had to wait until the next day before Dr. Thomas at NV Ortho & Spine (DO NOT GO TO HIM) could see us. He is the only Ped Dr. in the office and he lectured us that only ONE child is supposed to be on a trampoline at a time!! Hello?!?

The nurses that put his cast on were excellent and Wyatt did a great job! He didn't cry or whine at all. he just sat there and watched and then wanted his toy that Daddy promised him. He only has to keep it on for 3 1/2 wks.

The day before Easter we colored eggs. I'm not really a "stick it in some dye" kind of girl so I busted out the works! Glitter, markers, stickers, sprinkles, egg spinner, paint ... etc, etc.

All 3 wanted to use the egg spinner so Daddy helped them take turns "spinning" their eggs and I helped them explore their creative side :) We ended up with some amazing looking eggs. Our only problem? 18 were boiled 18 weren't and 'some how' they all got mixed up! So now when I grab an egg from the fridge I never know what I'll find inside :)

We tried to teach a lesson the night before about Jesus and what Easter meant. Wyatt and Kyla didn't care and Kevin was confused about how Jesus died and then was living again in Heaven. He knows that Jesus and Pa Jones are 'living' in heaven but he doesn't really understand that they died first. Oh well, he is still young and we have a lot more Easters, Sundays and FHE's to re-teach the resurrection.

Aren't they so cute? Church is at 9:am so the Easter Bunny stopped by our house while we were at church (while the kids were loaded in the car to go to church!). On the way home from church Nick asked, "do you think the Easter Bunny came?" and Kevin said, "No. he doesn't come today, it's another day."

Well he was surprised to find out that the Easter Bunny DID stop. Kevin thought everything he got was, "so awesome". The Easter Bunny had already gotten Wyatt's stuff before he fractured his leg because it was hard for him to play with the soccer ball and T-ball set! And the Easter Bunny totally failed Kyla because HE forgot her gift. Luckily the Easter Bunny's wife had made a special gift for Mekyla and she loved it!

After checking out their baskets the kids were happy to go to Jones' to hang out and have some fun.

It's been a busy and fun week. There is so much to be grateful for and to enjoy at Easter. We are grateful that Wyatt's leg was not hurt worse and that he is handling it all really well.

We are grateful for our Savior and for the sacrifice he made for us and that he has given us the gift of life after death. We are grateful to have the Gospel in our lives and the Spirit to guide us. We are grateful that our Heavenly Father has given us 3 choice spirits to teach and learn from. We are grateful for our wonderful family and for the extra mile you have gone to help us out. We love you and hope that you had a wonderful Easter.

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Fire -n- Ice said...

What a fun week you had! :0) As always... your kids are adorable! Oh and I love the fact that you aren't the 'dunk the egg' kind of gal! You are creative and I think it's awesome! Keep it up!