Monday, June 20, 2011

Just Swingin'

About 10 years ago or more, a tree started to grow down by my parents pond. It grew fast and BIG and my parents decided to put a swing on it.

Once the swing was all hooked up Kevin volunteered to be the first up and make sure it "worked right". As Grandpa pulled him all the way back I started to panic and could picture the rope coming un-done and Kevin flying and falling. So I told Grandpa to push him very soft and build up!

Soon Kevin was begging Grandpa to push him higher and higher and all the other kids waited impatiently for their turn. Mekyla was SO excited to get in the swing and she giggled the whole time. She loved every minute of it, the higher the better and was NOT happy when she had to give up her spot for someone else.

Wyatt was really excited to get in the swing but as soon as Grandpa swung him out over the 'drop off' he was not so happy! He kept saying 'smaller Pa, smaller'. He was the only one who would look down at the drop off and get scared. He wasn't ready to be done though when his turn was over.

Thank you G & G Castle for making an awesome swing and for letting us come play!!

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