Saturday, June 11, 2011

Misc. Catch Up

Kevin got these crab goggles and he LOVES to wear them while he swims and even when he is out of the water. Poor Kevin swims as long as he can but really quick his lips turn blue and then his whole body starts to shake so bad he can't swim anymore.

I'm not sure why he gets cold so quickly but he dries off, warms up and then jumps right back into the water.

Mekyla has never been a fan of water, but she is learning to like it very very slowly. She likes to just hang on the edge and dangle her legs in. She smiles, sings and kicks her legs and then RUNS when Daddy even looks in her direction and makes her think he is going to come get her. She does NOT like to be held and taken into the water AT ALL!

We love our Kyla girl and her big funny personality. She is so different then our boys and she keeps us on our toes and we love her for it.

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