Thursday, June 23, 2011

Misc. Kyla

Mekyla's hair is starting to get long enough to pull it all back into a ponytail. She is starting to look like a little girl. She has been going through a growing spurt lately and her legs are getting so long!

I know I say this every time I talk about her but Mekyla has SO much personality. She gets into so many things and can climb up on anything in the blink of an eye. The other day I left the computer desk to refill my water and when I came back she was Laying on the desk chowing down on chips that she had climbed up and pulled off the counter and snuck past me!!

The boys were playing "telescopes" with coloring book pages and when they were done, Kyla decided to play '2 broken legs'. It was so funny to watch her 'walk' all around the house with her 'casts'.

Mekyla loves 3 things, baby dolls, her ribbon blankets and sitting in weird things...oh and her Daddy so I guess 4 things! Kyla always has a doll in her arms and she loves the blankets I made her, she loves wrapping them around her shoulders. And she has started finding the strangest things to sit in/on. She is very creative and loves to explore.

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