Sunday, June 5, 2011


We have these "Littlest Pet Shop" toys that I keep up on top of our little kitchen. The boys will come ask for me to get them down, but not Kyla! She climbs up, throws them to the ground and then yells for someone to come get her down!! This little girl has a Big personality and she keeps us on our toes.

Kevin usually gives Wyatt a ride and then Kyla and the Wyatt and then Kyla, etc ..... well the other night while we were taking care of our 'garden', Wyatt & Mekyla decided they didn't want to take turns. Nick helped Kyla sit in between the boys and Kevin took off. When he came back from their short ride Kyla had climbed on Kevin's lap and was grinning like a Cheshire cat. Kevin was very good natured about it and just looked around her.

We tell the kids to be careful with Mommy's Tummy because there is a baby in there. The other day Kevin wanted to know when the baby would come out. I told him the baby still had to grow stronger and had to stay safe in Mommy's Tummy. He wanted to know what the baby's name was and we told him David, another baby brother. He said that made him happy : ) I think he can only handle one sister right now, hehe. Then he asked how the baby get out of Mommy's tummy? Ummmmm..... I haven't thought about how to tell a 5 year old.... we didn't want to tell him that it came out of my Belly Button like some do, so we decided to tell him that the Dr. takes the baby out. Now every time we go to the Dr. he asks, "Is the Dr. going to take out baby David today?". I love that Kevin loves his little brothers and sisters and that they Love him.

I love this picture because I remember doing this when I was little. I can remember laying on the hot ground, smelling the clorine and wet dirt and listening to the noise around me. I hope my kids look back on these moments and remember the simple joy of childhood and always attach this memory with fun.

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