Friday, June 10, 2011


The other day Wyatt found these Garage Sale price stickers and asked to play with them. I let him and he went to town. He had so much fun putting them on his forehead and wore them all day and then wanted to wear them to bed that night ... sure why not. And then he wore them the whole next day and the next night and the next morning I had to almost hold him down and rip them off. I thought they would just fall off because they are cheap stickers but they were actually very stuck on!! He cried and had a red marks on his forehead but they HAD to come off after 2 days!!

Kyla put a couple on but they came off a couple minutes later, luckily! Her and Wyatt are starting to get along a lot better. Often times I find them together playing some made up game, quietly and happily! What more could a Mom ask for. Wyatt is starting to be a great little helper when it's time to pick up toys and we can almost understand everything he says.

Here is our 1 broccoli that we got from our 'garden'. It was a lot of fun to watch it grow and Nick was really excited to eat it because he knew it was going to taste fantastic. However, after he had washed and washed and washed and cut apart and washed and then cooked and it was still COVERED in afids (sp?) he said he just couldn't eat all those bugs even if they were dead : ) So we don't know how it tasted but we are still very proud of ourselves and our little 'garden'.

I need to get pictures of Kevin playing video games because that is what he is doing when he isn't swimming or snuggling his little sister.

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Fire -n- Ice said...

Goodness Gracious that was a LOT of posts! :0) And you did it 2 weeks ago. I can't believe I missed it. Anyway.... your kids are amazingly cute. You and Nick are awesome parents. Thanks for sharing all your fun times on here. We don't see you much so it's nice to check in on you occassionally. We Love You guys!!!