Saturday, June 25, 2011

More Swimming

The Villezcas family invited us to the Spanish Branch party at the rec center in Mesquite and since we love the mesquite rec center we jumped at the invite!

Mekyla does NOT like to get IN the water, she likes to hang out on the side of the pool or just dip her toes in. This time she pointed at the slide and kept saying "side side" so Auntie Moki took her down. She loved the whole ride down, giggled and clapped but she didn't like the water part!

Kevin was cold and while he dried he played by the side of the pool. Just seconds after taking this picture, Jake grabbed the noodle and yanked. Kevin went flying into the pool and came out of the water shocked and even more cold! It was pretty funny. I just wish I had gotten it on camera!

Wyatt was so happy to have Pa there and when Pa got in the water, he was in heaven! He wrestled, splashed and rode Pa the whole time we were there. Pretty soon though all the other kids saw what fun Wyatt was having and they all joined in and Wyatt was only one little leech in the middle of a dozen or so.

Wyatt and Mekyla were worn out after. They each got a binkie, their favorite blankets and laid by each other on the floor. No toys, no playing, they just laid there and talked to each other. It made me so happy to watch them because they fight so much, this was such a precious moment to see.

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