Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wyatt's B-day

I can't believe that our Wy-Wy is three!! He seems to have grown up over night and is talking so much better that I can almost understand everything he says. He loves to copy his brother and fights with sister almost constantly. He loves sleep overs at the Castle and loves going to Jones' house for ice cream and chocolate milk. His favorite TV show right now is tough puppy and he is the master of "faces". He can pull SO many different faces. He wants to stand up to the potty like brother but he isn't quite tall enough to get over the top of the bowl. Wyatt loves to play in the water but doesn't like to be splashed. He loves shallow water that he can play with his toys in. He LOVES tubbies and would take one everyday is Kyla didn't jump in with him and totally bug him. Wyatt loves pink and girl toys. He still really likes Toy Story but doesn't beg to watch it everyday. He is really into Dinosaurs right now. He loves to roar and chase his other toys around.
Wyatt also has a really soft heart. If you look at him wrong or raise your voice at all, his face falls and big alligator tears roll down his cheeks. He is very much like me when I was young, so we have to be careful how we "talk" to him when he is in trouble, otherwise his little spirit crumbles and breaks our hearts!

We started a tradition that every year on the kids birthday day we fill the room with balloons. When the kids wake up the room is filled with balloons for their birthday. The kids always have so much fun waking up and playing in the balloons. Nick was working so I blew up 5-6 dozen balloons by mouth on my own. I was a little worried I was going to put myself into labor and was very light headed by the end!

For Wyatt's B-day party we rented the Mesquite Rec Center outside pool and slide. We were limited to only 250 people so we invited everyone we knew! It was so much fun swimming with everyone and having the pool all to ourselves. Wyatt loved the shallow end that he could run in and out of and not get too deep. He liked going down the slide a couple times with Daddy too.

The day we went shopping for Wyatt's B-day stuff we had a hard time finding the right stuff. While at Wal-mart he wanted the little soft plastic princess dolls with soft plastic clothes and a PINK Toy Story shirt. Nick said NO to both. While at ToysRUs we walked down the Power wheels aisle and while Kevin jumped on a 4-wheeler and Kyla jumped in a mini coop, Wyatt jumped onto the pink barbie 4-wheeler. At Costco we thought he would go for the Dinosaur cake but we were surprised when he went for the pretty Rainbow one :) Nick said NO so we got him to choose a different one and he liked the caterpillar.

While everyone was busy playing in the water I looked up to see Wyatt sitting happily at one of the tables opening up his presents. Well he wasn't technically opening them up, he was just moving the tissue paper to the side, looking in and then putting the package to the side. Well then he found G&G Castle's present and shrieked with Excitement, an XL T-Rex Dinosaur. He really did love all his presents and talking about how much fun his 'party' was.

Thank you everyone for coming. Wyatt had so much fun and we loved getting together with our family and friends.

The only dark cloud over Wyatt's party is that right at the end while we were cleaning up to go, Mekyla took a header off a 3 foot wall onto the cement. She hit hard and the thud was loud! She held onto the railing for a second which swung legs down first. Luckily she hit her knees first then hit her chest, knocked the wind out of her and then her head smacked the cement. She couldn't cry for a bit because she had no air and then Daddy was hugging her and kissing her and she just whimpered in his arms. We kept checking her eyes and soon she was running around, laughing and eating.

The Dad's decided to show the kids how to really slide!


Fire -n- Ice said...

We had a blast!! Thanks for inviting us!

Trent & Tara said...

poor little girl, looks like a good one. Your kids are very cute. that is a fun idea for a bday party the rec center.

Matthias said...

That's a great shot of Wyatt at the top of the post. Oliver is turning 2 soon, and that might be fun to fill his room with balloons!