Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July

Happy 4th of July!

This is the first year in SIX years that Nick has been home for the 4th! We were all so excited to have him there and he was excited to watch the fireworks with us and not watch them from his car as he drove into town.

Kevin decided that he wanted to sit on top of the van to watch the fireworks so that he would have a really good seat! After just a minute though he changed his mind and wanted to watch them from Inside the van with Kyla. He thought they were ' so awesome' but they were just too loud.

I thought Wyatt would have issues. He doesn't like loud noises and since his surgery his hearing is a lot better so I thought the fireworks would be Really Loud and he would hate them. But he sat on Pa's lap and just watched with wonder and excitement. He and Pa ooohed and aaahed and talked the whole time. I was surprised that he enjoyed them so much and didn't want them to end.

Mekyla was tired and fell asleep on the way over to the fairgrounds and was not happy about waking up. Before the fireworks started she hung onto Pa but clung to Daddy when they started. She was not happy and started to cry so we put her in the van and she instantly went back to sleep. She looked like a perfect little red, white and blue princess but just wasn't up to the part.

This was a great 4th of July and we hope that it won't be 6 more years until Daddy can spend it with us.

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fun pictures all :-)