Wednesday, July 27, 2011

David Ibrahin Jones

David Bryan Jones was born just after midnight on July 27th 2011. He was 7.8 lbs and 20 in. I was surprised that he was so small. My other babies were 7.6, 7.2, 7.6 lbs but they were all born at 37 weeks. David was 1 day before his due date so I thought he would be bigger!

David was born Starving! He kept crying and would nurse for 30-40 minutes straight. I didn't want to just keep nursing him when there was nothing there, but I knew he was hungry. Since I bottle feed my milk I told the nurse it was okay to give him some formula. He chugged down over an ounce before he would quiet down and go to sleep.

David was loved by his brothers and sister when they came to see him. They were all very excited that he was finally out of Mommy's tummy and that he would be coming home to our house soon. All three of them just kept taking turns holding him and giving him SO many kisses.

It seems crazy to me that we have 4 kids now. Our van and house are almost full and our hearts are over flowing with love. Nick and I had a different plan in mind for our family but we have learned that the Lord has a plan for us and that as we listen to the spirit and follow in Faith he sends us more blessings than we have room to hold. We are so grateful for the wonderful spirits that Heavenly Father has sent to us and for the things that they teach us every day. We love each of our blessings and hope we can raise them into the warriors that our Heavenly Father needs

David was originally supposed to be named David Samuel Jones. David for Nick's little bother and Samuel is a name his Mother loves. However as the time got closer it just didn't seem right. I talked to Nick and we had decided to name him David Bryan Jones, after his brother and mine. But as we sat in the hospital and stared at our beautiful new baby, the name still didn't seem right. I was looking online at baby names . com to see what David meant because I had never looked it up. I looked up Bryan as well and on the side saw that Ibrahin was a translation for Bryan. I really liked this and mentioned it to Nick. Nick called his brother who speaks Arabic and asked him if it was true and how to pronounce it. Jeff told us that Ibrahin is Arabic for Abraham and that Bryan is the English (not american) version of Abraham. Nick and I both talked and talked about it, if he would be teased, if it would be hard for him to have a different name, etc..etc... but it just felt right.
In a blessing Nick gave me while pregnant he said that Heavenly Father needed his warriors here on the earth and he was sending them to Mothers who would rear them in righteousness. I felt honored and very overwhelmed, but as I stared at David and said his name out loud I wondered if this was the name Heavenly Father wanted him to have because of something he would do later in his life. Perhaps he would be one of the missionaries to serve in the Arab nations, perhaps he would follow his Uncle Jeff lead and learn to speak the language and have a love for the people and work to bridge our nations together. I don't know but I am eager to watch him grow and help him along his path.
Welcome to your earthly home and to our home David Ibrahin Jones.


Emily said...

He is such a perfect little angel! How lucky we are to have him as the newest addition to the Castle Family.

Thanks for all the hard work on Kevin's birthday party! It turned out grand!

You are a wonderful and amazing girl, Esther!

Love you LOADS!

Bowler Family said...

He's a cutie!! I don't think there is anything wrong with unique middle names. I made Scarlet's up!! So at least David's is a real name! You guys look so happy!