Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Misc Baby Post

My wonderful sister came over and took some Tummy Shots for me. I haven't had any since Kevin and wish that I had, so we made sure to schedule some.

This pregnancy has been so different. My other babies moved and kicked and punched constantly, David never moves. I am constantly sitting down and counting his movements to make sure he is moving enough and a couple times we have gone into the hospital to have him monitored. They always say that his heart is strong and healthy but I need to eat some sugar and then sit and monitor. So the last couple weeks I made sure I ate 'enough' sugar and tried to relax and remind myself that he was healthy.

Nick and I are both very excited about the new little spirit that will be joining our family. Our family has not happened according to our plan, but we are just trying to enjoy the plan our Father in heaven has for us. Nick has mentioned his Dad so many times this pregnancy. He is always wondering how involved his Dad is in Davids preparation to come to earth, and if/when the veil is lifted if David will have a unique relationship with his Grandpa Jones because of the time they spent together. We have felt the spirit of Kevin close during this year and we have felt an overwhelming love for David before he has even gotten here.

My other babies came at 37 weeks and this little boy is in NO hurry. I haven't had any contractions, I haven't been put on bed rest and I'm not dilating very fast at all. My Dr. was for sure I would have him Monday night and she sat up till the early morning hours thinking the hospital would be calling at any moment. It hasn't happened yet :o)

So I asked people to guess when they thought the baby would come and here are the guesses.
  1. Bro. Griffiths - July 9th
  2. Angela - July 10th
  3. Neisha - July 14th
  4. Telisha - July 16th
  5. Jenna - July 17th
  6. Kelli - July 19th
  7. Moki - July 22
  8. Patrick - July 24th
  9. Melanie - July 26th
  10. Nick - July 12-20 (I told him he needed to narrow it down)
  11. Me - August 3rd.


Fire -n- Ice said...

I like your belly shots! Good work Cortnie!

Greg and Mel said...

I think I won the closest Guess! :) You need to put some pics of him up now!! :)